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Use as a wallet to slide into Jersey or mount phone on bike. Sealed, nearly waterproof case made of urethane protects your phone from the weather and sweat. Clear window allows device visibility and operation (can talk on phone while in DriKASE).. Mounts easily & securely to stem or handlebars. Removable mounting strap so you can use while you are not biking. Removable pad so will accomodate big and small phones. Will work with Iphones (TM) in or not in a case and Samsung Galaxy 3 (TM), among others. Works with IPhone 6 & 5, and other 5" phones and smaller. Review: Review:

Reviews: Urban Velo (April 2013), “The DRiKASE is a simple yet well-executed design that holds your smart phone on top of your stem. The Drikase held my phone safely and securely, even on rough city streets”. All Season Cyclist (Aug 2013), “it is probably the best smartphone holder for cyclists available on the on the market today”. The bike habit (Sept 2013), “At $25, this may be the last cell phone bike case you ever have to buy”.